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Lara Croft likes to find some ancient tribes… and ancient tribes like her sweet ass!

Lara Croft Tits

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Druids. Lara Croft Porn Story.

The unnaturally cold air caused her breath to turn into steam as she ran as fast as she could through the thick lush grass, pushing her aching limbs. Her mind flashing with a million images at once, as if someone had put on a slideshow right in front of her eyes.

Flash after flash caused her head to throb, as she saw herself sprawled out on the stone table being used by those sadistic bastards.

Lara Croft pushed her body harder, she could hear the noise behind her, the barking of the bloodhounds cashing after her; they had her scent. She had to get away, had to run faster, she would not let the murderous cult catch her; that knowledge wasn’t worth it.

Another flash, she saw the tall hooded man in the maroon robe pushing his hard cock into her flashing before her eyes; it caused her to stumble…

“NO!” Lara yelled loosing her footing and falling off the edge of the cliff…


…Two weeks earlier…

…The University of Cambridge, England…

There was the usual hustle and bustle of the students moving around campus contributing to the lively atmosphere of collage life.

Alistair Fletcher moved up and down the lecture hall as he continued his lesson…

…”And thus there is very little we know about the druids. Celts, Gaul’s, these…” “These, priestly men were a part of that ancient folk. Some even entertain the belief that all of the learned class made up a conglomerate, the benchmark of collective knowledge; that this group made up a conspiritorious hierarchy of druides, of course such speculations, are, well, are just, speculations.”

There was a hand from near the back, a fair girl from Manchester…

“Abigail, yes, your question please?” Alistair asked her.

“Mr. Fletcher, if these s Continue reading

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Lara Croft Nude Story: "Lara Croft and The African Snake"

Escaping the deathtraps of the lost tomb of Mhuntee had been bad enough, but looking around now Lara Croft reached the inescapable conclusion that things were about to get a whole lot worse.

She had just grabbed her treasure–the fabled golden skull of Mhuntee–when the floor of the cave gave way, sending her crashing and tumbling down a tunnel until she emerged into some jungle……

…with ten extremely tall and nearly naked warriors armed with assegais surrounding her.

She recognized them by their facial markings as being members of the Bunwari tribe. This knowledge didn’t improve Lara’s piece of mind. The Bunwari had a reputation of been savage cannibals.

“Damn!” Lara cursed. If only she spoke Bunwari!

The men parted and through the midst of the war party strode a giant of warrior, nearly six foot six and seemingly chiseled of rock.

“Ah, Miss Croft!” he said in heavily accented English, “We meet at last! Every tribe in Africa has heard of you and your adventures…and your beauty.”

The cruel smile still on his lips, he began rapidly speaking in the Bunwari dialect. The ring of warriors closed tighter around the their captive, all were grinning.

Thank you,” Lara said trying to sound poised and calm, “But I am merely a tourist in your country. I…”

“Oh really?” interrupted the warrior. “Then this must be a mere momento.”He reached forward and grabbed the skull out of Lara’s hand. He held it aloft and immediately the other warriors fell to their knees in worship.

“I am sure you’re beginning to realize the significance of this to my tribe, Miss Croft. How shall we punish someone who tries to steal it?”

Lara swallowed hard. This would take some quick talking.

“Actually I just found it…mister…mister Continue reading

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Lara Croft Bikini Story: "Lara Croft and the Temple of Death"



The pistols of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft cut down the guard before he could take two steps toward her. The bullets impact flung him backwards against the dry wall of the dark temple and crumpled to the floor. Lara pressed on. Further into the corridors of the formerly-lost Temple of Nehista, Dark Goddess of the Desert. The exertions of the quest thus far – the traps, the guards, and the fiendish locks – made Lara pant as she ran. Though deep underground the oppressive heat of the Syrian Desert above made itself felt in the dry air.


The guard seemingly appeared out of nowhere. He whipped out his sword and with a look of determination and hatred in his eyes sprung towards the Tomb Raider.


The man’s sword and his frail body were no match for a hail of 9mm bullets.

‘Advantage Croft I’d say!’ thought Lara as she leapt over the corpse.

The guards of the Temple were men from the local villages who had been captured and enslaved by followers of Nehista. Their minds were wholly bound to the Dark Goddess they now served. They were put into Ancient Assyrian outfits and given swords, now existing only to guard her temple. Reasoning with them was pointless. Lara pitied them as she blew them away.

But only a bit.

And not enough to try for a wounding shot.

“Outsider!” screamed the guard at the door that Lara presumed led to the Dark Chamber.

‘Makes a change from ‘Defiler!’ I suppose,&rsqu Continue reading

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Lara Croft Nude Story: "Resident Evil X Tomb Raider – Part 1: Surviving The City"

As the jeep chased the s.u.v. down the road, gunfire was being exchangedbetween the two vehicles.”Damn it Dreker! Give it up already!” Lara Croft screamed in vain as abullet whizzed by blowing the driver’s side mirror clean off. Lara drovewith her right hand on the steering wheel while returning fire with thepistol in her left. Several of the shots lodged themselves in the backdoor and two shattered the back window.Two of the gunmen who had been firing on Lara pulled themselves back insidethe s.u.v. and positioned themselves at the now shattered window. Theyducked momentarily as Lara fired off several more shots, then when shestopped to reload they quickly popped up and returned fire causing her toswerve all over the road.After a few moments Lara regained control of the jeep and fired several moreshots back the s.u.v. Two of the shots struck the gunman on the right inthe throat knocking him backwards. As the dying man fell back his fingeredaccidentally pressed down on the trigger to his automatic rifle and severalshots rang out.”God damn it!” Thomas Dreker yelled as he quickly glanced into the back andsaw two of his goons dead. “Get the grenade launcher and take the bitchout!”Dreker’s only remaining thug quickly jumped into the back, opened up the armscase, and withdrew the grenade launcher. He stay hidden while Lara let offseveral more shots and then went to reload.As Lara started to reload her pistol the last of the gunmen popped up at theback window with a grenade launcher.”Oh s Continue reading

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Lara Croft Nude Story: "Resident Evil/Tomb Raider: Part 2 – Same Name New Face "

A red Camaro slowed down and came to a stop in the passenger drop-off zone
of Elkington International Airport. The city of Elkington was nearly two
hundred miles from Raccoon City, but with Raccoon City now in ruins Elkington
held the closest airport.

“Here you go Lara. Not that I need to tell you this, but be careful ok?”
Leon Kennedy asked.

“After our adventure in Raccoon City a few weeks ago, you don’t have to tell
me twice,” Lara Croft replied.

“Ok ok. I’m just a bit concerned for you is all. You know, you are a
likable person when you’re not killing people is all I’m saying.”

“No Leon, those were zombies and if I recall correctly you killed quite a few

“Yeah well, so I did. The bastards were trying to kill me. Anyways, where
are you off to?”

“I’m meeting someone in Cairo in regards to the Clock of Ages. Then I’ll
probably fly home to London from there. You and Sherry staying in

“No, an old friend of mine in Indianapolis owes me a favor and said that if
I ever needed a job I could join his precinct. Well Raccoon City no longer
exists so I’m currently unemployed and just for Sherry’s well being I thought
it might do her some good if we just completely left the state.”

“Sounds like a plan. You’re a good man Leon, take care of yourself and
Sherry,” Lara said leaning over kissing him on the cheek. “Thanks for the
suitcase and clothes. When I land in Paris I’ll call Peters and have him
wire you money for what I owe you.”

“Don’t worry about it Lara,” Leon said smiling before looking down at his
watch. “If you don’t get a move on you’ll miss your flight.”

“You’re too kind Leon, but I’m still sending you t Continue reading

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Nude Lara Croft: Ankh

It was a black night, the lone source of light came from two neon green lights seemingly floating across the field. The lights weren’t floating though, they were walking mounted to the head of if not the world’s most famous “archeologist” certainly it’s most lusted after. She normally didn’t care much in the way of equipment, a pair of pistols and enough ammunition to declare war on a small country was usually enough, and when it wasn’t it was her wits, not her gizmos that managed to get her out of a pharaoh’s tomb or away from animals that had long since gone extinct everywhere else on the planet. 

Tonight was a different case all together. She wasn’t recovering the lost treasure of Imotep from his sunken palace. She was recovering a priceless, and stolen, piece of history from an undeserving piece of human refuse. The busty brunette felt a little like Batman, or Batgirl rather, with all the equipment she had strapped to sash. Aerosol sprays to detect laser grids, night vision, infrared and UV lights built into her custom made goggles, several different grapples and climbing tools. A PDA with the entire lay out of Wonderland.

Wonderland was the private estate of the most popular rapper perhaps of all time if judged purely on income. The Mad Hatter though he preferred the insane, MaDD hAtTA, spelling, or wherever the capitals managed to fall this time around. It was just one more infuriating thing for Lara that he seemed intentionally mangled the English language. 

Rappers. She thought angrily watching as she passed by an opulent statue of the man himself wearing an absurd top hat to soft to keep its shape entirely it was cocked slightly to the side. Gaudy. She thought continuing to move on. 

The mansion was came into view over a hill spilling enough light for Lara to turn off her night vision and instead let her lovely brown eyes t Continue reading

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Lara Croft – Nude Raider: Ankh 2

“Up stairs. I’m sure you know where I sleep at.” Lara did. She’d memorized nearly every inch of the blue prints of the mansion. The master bedroom was up the spiral staircase on the left. 

“What do you plan to do with me. After you’re done with me.” Lara asked as she ascended the staircase. Like most of the house it was an exercise in grandeur completely by passing what could be considered the second story where the main kitchen and game rooms were. 

“Let you go.” He responded as Lara stepped into his bedroom.

Lara wasn’t completely certain what she expected when Hatta’s room to look like but the room she stepped into wasn’t it. The walls were black matching the furniture, the most important piece of which was a four poster water bed. The room was dimly lit by Salazar Ruiz chandelier, there were only twelve of them made. Lara had one. She’d expected a television, a gigantic flat screen dominating one of the walls. Instead she found a bookcase filled with books. Just a quick glance revealed some of the authors. Dr. Grant, Dr. Horner two of the worlds foremost paleontologists. “You’ve read these?” She asked continuing to scan his library. Mein Kamf, in German, Roots and several books on Egyptology, some of which Lara had used as guides on her various.

“Most of them. I haven’t completed the Koran, my Arabic is only rudimentary.” He replied. The shock on Lara’s face was obvious. Mad Hatta laughed. “I woulda thought you were smarter than that Lara.” She turned slowly from the book case. He still had a bit of the southern drawl from earlier but he didn’t even look the same standing in this room without the shotgun. “You Continue reading

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Lara Croft Porn Story: "Lara Croft and the Big Chief"

“Another quest successfully completed!” smiled Lara Croft as she emerged into the sunlight outside the Tomb of Zambusi.

In her hand she held the magnificent jewel that had been the target of her latest adventure – the ‘Eye of Zambusi.’ As she turned it in her hand the suns’ rays glinted off it in sparkling blue.

‘I’m sure this in the British Museum will delight visitors from all over the globe!’

Movement off to her left caught her eye. She spun round, whipping out her pistol as she did. Something was close by. Watching her perhaps!


The bullet caused the whatever to back off but not to flee.

“Perhaps this quest isn’t finished after all…” wondered the Tomb Raider.

Lara popped the jewel into her back-pack and scanned the Congo jungle with her keen eyesight. There was definitely something moving out there and there was more than one, but was it men or animals?

Mountain gorillas lived in the area and as well as been a protected species they were revered by the locals.

‘I better be careful what I shoot,’ thought Lara.

As nothing was closing in on her Lara checked her compass and then moved off in the direction where she had left her transport.

As she jogged along Lara could sense and occasionally glimpse fast moving shapes moving with her, but not close enough to shoot at. Sometimes she would stop and brace herself to be assailed but always her trackers held back. It was unsettling and Lara’s nerves were becoming frayed Continue reading

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