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Lesbian Lara Croft

Lara Croft was walking around the forest around noon time looking for this specific flower. She came upon these arched trees that looked like a gate. She walked through and saw a woman bending over a table with leaves piled on it. “I know why you are here,” said the woman. She stood up and turned around to face Lara Croft. Lara Croft drew a deep, shuddering breath as she beheld the beauty radiating from the woman. She had a light reddish hair color, the bluest eyes so crystal clear, skin so milky white. She wore a pure white robe with a belt of the thinnest gold you could ever see, yet as strong as the hardest diamond. In the center of the belt was a golden leaf with an emerald in the middle of it, so tiny it was just a green speck, yet big enough to see.

Lara could feel herself getting wet, why she didn’t know. The elf said in the most clearest tinkling voice that Lara has ever heard “My name is Arwen, princess of the fairest elves of them all. My mother is Galadriel, Queen of the elves. Don’t worry, I know who you are…Lara Croft. Yes, I’ve heard about you from my kin up north, and I’ve learned you search for the rarest flower that no one, save us, has seen is centuries. I can show you where it is…for a price.” And at this, she looked at Lara’s ever-wetter crotch and licked her lips slowly looking like she just had a delicious meal. “I know you want me, desire me, longing to feel yourself pressed against my body. I know you long to taste me…everywhere. You long to posess me, to be mine forever. My beauty enchants you…” And at this, she undid her belt and slipped her robe off, to have it to fall down around her beautifully shaped legs down to her ankles.

“I still don’t know how you know so much about me, when I know nothing of you,”Lara finally said to Arwen.

“In time you shall,”said Arwen.

She walked gracefully Continue reading

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Lara Croft Lesbian

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