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Lara Croft in underwear only with her hand tied behind back gets hard fucked in her mouth

Lara Croft Comix

Lara Croft in underwear only with her hand tied behind back gets hard fucked in her mouth
Here is some unexpected turn of events in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in form of Hentai art. Nasty scenes are up for grabs Lara Croft for you to see them! in her waxed vagina and . Enjoy seeing those cutest characters from celebrated Lara Croft: Tomb Raider sex series naked – you have never seen them this way!…

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Lara Croft Nude Story: "Lara Croft and The African Snake"

Escaping the deathtraps of the lost tomb of Mhuntee had been bad enough, but looking around now Lara Croft reached the inescapable conclusion that things were about to get a whole lot worse.

She had just grabbed her treasure–the fabled golden skull of Mhuntee–when the floor of the cave gave way, sending her crashing and tumbling down a tunnel until she emerged into some jungle……

…with ten extremely tall and nearly naked warriors armed with assegais surrounding her.

She recognized them by their facial markings as being members of the Bunwari tribe. This knowledge didn’t improve Lara’s piece of mind. The Bunwari had a reputation of been savage cannibals.

“Damn!” Lara cursed. If only she spoke Bunwari!

The men parted and through the midst of the war party strode a giant of warrior, nearly six foot six and seemingly chiseled of rock.

“Ah, Miss Croft!” he said in heavily accented English, “We meet at last! Every tribe in Africa has heard of you and your adventures…and your beauty.”

The cruel smile still on his lips, he began rapidly speaking in the Bunwari dialect. The ring of warriors closed tighter around the their captive, all were grinning.

Thank you,” Lara said trying to sound poised and calm, “But I am merely a tourist in your country. I…”

“Oh really?” interrupted the warrior. “Then this must be a mere momento.”He reached forward and grabbed the skull out of Lara’s hand. He held it aloft and immediately the other warriors fell to their knees in worship.

“I am sure you’re beginning to realize the significance of this to my tribe, Miss Croft. How shall we punish someone who tries to steal it?”

Lara swallowed hard. This would take some quick talking.

“Actually I just found it…mister…mister Continue reading

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